Accueil de BD-theque : bande dessinée, comics, manga, forum BD, actualité BD...  
Accueil de BD-theque : bande dessinée, comics, manga, forum BD, actualité BD...
Accueil de BD-theque : bande dessinée, comics, manga, forum BD, actualité BD... Actualité BD, manga, comics, dates de sortie, rumeurs... Les immanquables BD, manga et comics Les thèmes BD Les interviews BD, comics et manga Les forums BD, comics, manga, loisir hors BD...   Ajouter une série !
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Actus Wart Accéder au flux Actus Wart Alex Alice dans les étoiles avec Casemate 102

Glénat Manga Accéder au flux Glénat Manga A PARAÎTRE le 05/04/2017 : Arbos Anima - Tome 03
A PARAÎTRE le 05/04/2017 : Dragon Ball Super - Tome 01
A PARAÎTRE le 05/04/2017 : Dragon Ball Z - 7e partie - Tome 05
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A PARAÎTRE le 05/04/2017 : La Vie en doll - Tome 03
A PARAÎTRE le 05/04/2017 : Le Dernier Envol du papillon

Kazé Manga Accéder au flux Kazé Manga Black Clover à 0,99 € !

Le Lombard Accéder au flux Le Lombard Le Lombard recherche un.e Chargé.e de Communication

Comics Book Resources En anglais Accéder au flux Comics Book Resources Whedon’s Batgirl Based on New 52 Incarnation
EXCL. PREVIEW: The Amory Wars: Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV #1
Marvel Teases Deadpool Killing the Marvel Universe – Again
Norman Reedus Has a Message for The Walking Dead Critics
Gillen Earns His License to Kill with James Bond: Service
Doom Patrol is ‘Alive and Well,’ Gerard Way Assures
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Have a Nice Cup of Tea with this Labyrinth Worm Plush
Does Thanos’ New Marvel Comics Alliance Have an MCU Connection?
New War for the Planet of the Apes Trailer Arrives
Superman Returns… in Justice League Concept Art
EXCLUSIVE: Robotech’s Roy & Claudia Get Variant Covers by Kerschl
Kingsman: The Golden Circle Debuts Synopsis, First Poster
First Game of Thrones Season 7 Promo Introduces the ‘Long Walk’
The Buy Pile: Cops, Robbers & Toy Soldiers
Legion Creator Explains Post-Credits Cliffhanger, Looks Ahead to Season 2
Joss Whedon, WB In Talks for Batgirl Solo Film
15 Super-Soldiers (Besides Captain America)
Kingsmen: The Golden Circle Debuts Synopsis, First Poster
Thanos Arrives in Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer
EXCL. PREVIEW: Jessica Jones #7 Opens More Marvel Mysteries
Rumor: Warner Bros.’ Akira Courts Jordan Peele to Direct
Superior: 15 Memorable Moments From Doc Ock’s Time As Spider-Man
Avengers: Infinity War: Jeremy Renner Heads to Film Hawkeye Scenes
REVIEW: Ghost In The Shell Is Everything Wrong With Hollywood Remakes
Generations: The 15 Best Marvel Legacy Heroes
Don’t Worry, Justice League Apparently Isn’t 170 Minutes Long
EXCL. PREVIEW: X-Men: Gold #1 Assembles Kitty Pryde’s Team
DC Reveals Final Batman: The Button Covers
Injustice 2 Brings On the Bad Guys: Grodd, Bane & More Have Arrived
Titans Annual #1 Adds Even More Mystery to Rebirth
The 15 Worst Superhero Costumes
Comic Book Detectives: Who’s That Purple Guy Who Defeated Superman?
Wonder Woman Footage Description Teases Ares, Lasso of Truth
Arrow Recap: Oliver Chooses His True Brotherhood
Transformers: Bumblebee’s Long History Teased at CinemaCon
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Arrow: [SPOILER]’s Secret Identity Gets Outed
15 Reasons Superhero Movies Should Be Less Gritty
Arrow EP Reveals the Two Lines The Show Won’t Cross
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Dragon Ball Z: 15 Things You Never Knew
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X-Men Apocalypse: 15 Reasons Why It’s The Worst X-Men Movie Ever
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Colleen Coover Revisits ‘Girly Porno’ Comic Small Favors with New Collection
15 MCU Cameos That Were Wasted
The CW’s Black Lightning Arrives in Electrifying First Image
New Agents of SHIELD Poster Is Packed With Easter Eggs
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